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Emergicare Trauma & Life Support Services

Emergicare Trauma & Life Support Pvt. Ltd is a leading supplier of world renowned healthcare teaching aids and equipments in india.

India Healthcare Providers, Practitioners, and Educators lack specialized teaching aids,equipments, materials, and supplies needed for training the providers as well as for providing emergency care due to the sheer cost of having them imported into India. read more

Our Mission

Our mission at Emergicare is to
* Provide best medical training equipment to our clients from national and international suppliers
* Offer competent, flexible and reliable quality services to our customers
* Provide highest level of excellence to our clients through value added services

Our Vision

We aim to continue to be the first choice for Emergency Medical Services and Disaster training equipment by establishing and providing higher customer satisfaction through solutions that fit best.

Our Values

* Emergicare will focus on operational excellence in all our actions which provide quality and satisfaction to our customers
* Our goal is to offer personal care for our customers and solutions that fit best
* We will consistently respect and sustain all business relationship with our clients through honesty, integrity, accountability & good business ethics.

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Our 100% client satisfaction rate is unparalleled in our field.

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Our Clients

Our 100% client satisfaction rate is unparalleled in our field.