Scoop Stretcher



It is a separable type emergency stretcher for ambulance to transfer fractured patients.At both ends of the stretcher,

a hinged separate and joint arrangement is set in the middle, which can separate the stretcher into two parts.

Load Limit: 159kg

Self Weight : 9 kg


When conducting rescues and transporting patients it is important to choose the right equipment. The purpose of scoop stretcher is to lift people who may have spinal cord injury from the ground. By using this the patient can avoid the unwanted movement of the injured part and it will lead to the fast recovery of theĀ patient.itĀ is designed in a special way that can be separable easily to transfer the fractured patients. This is having the capability to carry a load of up to 159 kg. Our products are certified by experts. Usually, it is very difficult to treat such patients with a normal stretcher. But this scoop stretcher is made by a joint arrangement in the middle. So it can be handled very easily by the professionals. The students will easily catch the working of this stretcher because it is as simple as it is looking. So the patients need not have to bother about the working of the stretcher. Our employees are well dedicated and hardworking. We are having a tradition of many years in this field. If you are looking for the best clinical equipment, we have the right products you are looking for. So come and join us. You can see the new world of the clinical laboratory.